Item number: 20004596

Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 3.6 is the smallest version of our optimised product range. With its 3.6 kWh capacity it is the ideal solution for solar systems with a size of up to 6.6 kWp.

Category: Storage

Description & notes

Our Q CELLS Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 is the ideal solution for the environmentally-friendly reduction of electricity costs for private houses and ensures a reliable long-term operation and high output. The combination of its integrated inverter with a proven Samsung lithium-ion battery technology makes Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 the perfect choice for your all-in-one device for energy self-consumption. Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 includes a 10-year warranty and comes with a built-in web server for monitoring your solar system via the internet. With Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 you may store your clean and cheap solar energy for the use during nighttime or whenever the sun is not shining.

Inverter power (kW): 4,600
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1000 x 260 x 680 mm
Component: Power storage Inverter
Country availability: Switzerland Germany Austria
Capacity (kWh): 3.6

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