Huawei SUN2000-28KTL

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Huawei SUN2000-28KTL Huawei SUN2000-28KTL
  • Item no.: 20004130
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    Description & notes

    Based on leading technology platforms of power supplies and digital control, Huawei release the SUN2000 series three-phase inverter with telecom class reliability and top efficiency all over the world. SUN2000-28KTL meets Germany BDEW MV directive and VDE1206-1-1 directive, CE Low Voltage Directive and the Directive for Electromagnetic Compatibility, as well as China Golden Sun certification. It has good environment adaptability especially for the large scale medium voltage PV plant with IP65 and fanless design.


    HUAWEI-Lösung für Solar-Wechselrichter:

    HUAWEI-Lösung für Solar-Wechselrichter

    Serie SUN2000 Solarwechselrichter für Netzanbindung:

    Serie SUN2000 Solarwechselrichter für Netzanbindung

    SUN2000 Series Solar Inverter for MV Grid-Connection:

    SUN2000 Series Solar Inverter for MV Grid-Connection

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