Huawei SUN2000-20KTL

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Huawei SUN2000-20KTL Huawei SUN2000-20KTL
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    Description & notes

    Based on leading technology platforms of power supplies and digital control, Huawei release the SUN2000 series three-phase inverter with telecom class reliability and top efficiency all over the world. This series of products meets Germany BDEW MV directive and VDE AR N 4105 LV directive, CE Low Voltage Directive and the Directive for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Italy Enel-GUIDA and CEI 0-21 certification, as well as China Golden Sun certification. It has good environment adaptability and can be used for various scenarios covering from 8 kW to Megawatts, either rooftop or ground mounted power plants.


    SUN2000 Series Solar Inverter for Grid-Connection:

    SUN2000 Series Solar Inverter for Grid-Connection

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